Fixed Pricing

I handle most misdemeanor criminal charges with fixed prices. That means you will be quoted the cost of representation up-front for your matter. You will never have to worry about hourly charges where you don’t know what the end cost will be until you get the bill.

The Break Down

I break down my representation based on the services needed, so you only pay for the services you need and none that you don’t. That break down includes the following:

Pretrial Representation

I charge a base price for pre-trial representation that includes:

Entering an appearance in the case, filing motions for discovery, examining discovery, initial investigations of the case, legal research to determine possible defenses, plea bargaining with the State, meeting with the client as needed to discuss their case and answer questions, and representation at the scheduling conference hearing. If a resolution is reached no additional payment is necessary.

Trial Representation

Representation past the Pretrial Conference hearing if continuing to trial, including preparation for trial and representation at trial.

Methods of Payment
Secure Online Payments
Cash, or Check
Credit Card

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