Pre-Trial Representation

Pre-Trial Representation includes full representation in and out of court on your misdemeanor case prior to a Jury Trial. I work to get the best possible outcome for you from the very beginning of your case, hopefully making a trial unnecessary.

Courtroom Advocacy

Pre-Trial Representation involves representing you at all pre-trial court hearings. This includes Arraignment (if hired prior to the hearing), Scheduling Conferences, Motion hearings, Bond hearings, Orders to Show Cause, Pre-Trial Conference hearings, Change of Plea hearings and Sentencing if needed. Essentially, it includes my representation and advocacy at all hearings prior to jury trial.


Pre-Trial Representation includes negotiating with the prosecution to work out the best resolution for you short of trial. I contact the County Attorney handling your case, explain any defenses and mitigating factors, and request reduction or dismissal of charges if possible. I cannot guarantee that I can get every charge reduced or dismissed, but I always try when it is feasible.

Every case is different, but many cases resolve favorably for the defendant with a little bit of reasoned negotiation.


I strive to provide counsel and advice needed to explain court procedures, charges, evidence, possible penalties, and possible solutions.

The uncertainty and not knowing what is going to happen can be one of the scariest things about being charged with misdemeanor crime. I will work to make sure you are well informed of every aspect of their case.


More often than not, the police and prosecution do not have the whole story or they are being told a false story. They may not have interviewed all the witnesses, discovered all the evidence, or they may not have heard your side of the story.

Sometimes it is necessary to investigate by going out and finding defense witnesses and defense evidence. When necessary I will work with you to carry out an investigative plan that may very well be the difference in your case.

Pre-Trial Representation Includes

  • Entering an appearance in the case and filing motions for discovery
  • Receiving discovery, examining and reviewing it with the client
    • body-cam video
    • blood test results
    • drug test confirmations
    • police reports
    • witness statements
    • photographs
    • recorded 911 calls
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor on your behalf when necessary
  • Conveying plea offers and offering them to the prosecution
  • Representation at the Scheduling Conference hearing
    • This hearing sets the matter for trial or motions hearing or change of plea hearing
  • Case preparation
    • Working with you to get your version of events
    • Initial investigations of the case,
    • legal research to determine possible defenses
If the case can be resolved with a plea agreement:

Preparing you for the Change of Plea and Sentencing hearing

Working with you to obtain any assessments prior to the Change of Plea hearing (such as a substance abuse assessment)

Representation at a Change of Plea hearing and Sentencing with a mitigation argument to the court

Explaining any probation terms following the sentencing hearing

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